CAUTION: Always wear your safety harness when ascending or descending trees
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"A huge upgrade over what I had ...they make the other ones look like sad imitators

of a quality product such as yours..


These are a Huge improvement over the API steps. Not only are they bigger,

but they don't slide back and forth on the tree like the API's do.


By being bigger, they're a lot better on your feet going up and down on the tree,

and you have a much better purchase for your foot... a huge plus IMO...


I've been using the API's for years which I think are great and I still do,

but the Bearclaws are a big improvement over them.


I can't imagine not having a set of Bearclaws in my pack now... these are awesome!!!"


Tim C, AKA "Hit-em" at

"Love the BEARCLAW steps -

  Highly Recommended!"

   Michael Z. - Virginia

"TOP NOTCH! Perfect machining on these steps.

  Best customer service, too!!!!!!!"

  Kevin B. - North Carolina

"Great steps!  Worked even better than I thought.

 Thanks again!"

  Gary P. - Iowa

"Excellent seller, above and beyond.

  Would recommend. Thank you"

   Rondelle W. - Pennsylvania

"I'll buy more in the future..."

   Michael S. - New Jersey

"Great product - Even better than the original Skyhooks  - provided by a great seller!"

Raymond P. - New Jersey



"Great to see website up. Your steps worked flawlessly for me this past season!

Looking forward to purchasing more. Very well made product.


At a new site I just set up, I was able to Free climb first 12 feet, then "Bear Clawed" my way up the rest. This will hopefully be a great site and originally why I got the steps. The Bear Claws were perfect for this. Too high for ladder, no way to use a climber. Didn't want anyone to climb up in it (screw ins)."  Mark N. - Indiana

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"Awesome steps and great quality..."

   Stephen S. - New York

"Great product - better than My old API's.

  Great job - worth the money!"

   Wayne F. - Maryland


"Really happy you did this - I was getting

tired of tracking down old sky hooks and

paying crazy prices for them.  


With the high theft rate of equipment today, it's like cheap insurance to protect expensive stands."  -  Scott L. - Pennsylvania

"Very good product and 5 star service!"

   Joe Y. - New Jersey


"These steps are a huge upgrade to the old Skyhook.


Superior quality and strength, larger foot area. I felt safer the very first time I used them.


Removing these steps on the way down has saved me thousands of dollars in lost tree stands.  


I know once I put it there it stays there thanks to Bear Claw tree steps?? - Adam D. - Montana


I've only been using them for a week now but I'm very impressed with their performance.

I haven't been able to find a tree yet that they haven't bit right into, they've been absolutely solid.


The setup is far easier and required less man power than the screw-ins I've used in the past keeping my spots almost scent free and ready to hunt immediately if needed, that's been a big plus.


In keeping with the setup, I've been very surprised as to how quietly you can get them over the bolts as you ascend and descend the tree. I now have less fear of spooking game while trying to get into a tree.


Lastly I've found the finish to be helpful while climbing in the dark. Overall I'm one very happy customer."   - James B. - Oklahoma


"We love the steps!  They are light & easy to set up!  I have an Ambush Saddle and was looking for a better way for all my stand sites

- I looked online & found BEARCLAW -

Thanks you guys"


John P. - Upstate New York


"We have land in northern Ontario we want to set up, and some farms in southern Ontario we have permission to hunt,

where we want to put in more stands.

We are lucky to have run across these.


Andrew C. -  Ontario, Canada



"I purchased the original A.P.I. Skyhook steps when they originally came out and despite

a few minor flaws (which you have now corrected) I LOVE them!  


I Was shocked when A.P.I stopped making them, &every year around this time of year called A.P.I to express my displeasure & every year got some sort of story as to why they were not making them that year, but was told they may make them the following year.


So periodically I check EBAY & look for that Great Find! (Someone who had new pack on

a shelf covered with dust) "Never Found It" but kept looking

until I came across someone selling lags and had a link to your web site.


I immediately called my buddy and told him of my "FIND".

This was such a great product originally and now that you have "tweaked" them,

I think once word gets out, you're not going to have time to hunt - you folks will be soo busy!


I wish you guys the best of luck!!  - Thank You"  Brian C. - Holden, MA


"I ran across your thread in the Archery Talk forum.  My question is:

Are you going to make some that are capable of being used with a strap for public land hunting?


I am only interested in the Bearclaws, would use my own strap. If not could you run a strap thru the lag bolt hole and use them as strap-ons? I hope you consider this as Ameristep strap-ons are out of production. There should be a large market with the Tree Saddle users like myself. Thanks, George??/span>


Hi George - I wanted you to know that I had not forgotten about this, but don?셳 have a definitive answer for you just yet... But I?셫 working on it.  There have been many others making similar inquiries, and believe me, we're on it" ..  But the first thing I'd want to say is that threading your strap through the bolt hole really isn't advisable, because you'll lose the stability of the step being able to bite into the tree and would be more likely to swing.  


We're aware of the need for the Strap-on style - plenty of interest for these - just know that we DO have a couple of things on the drawing board - and as soon as we come up with the safe working model, we'll let you know!  Check back here at the website, or if you'd like to be "the first to know" sign up at the bottom of the page for our e-mail list - We'll send it out ASAP!